Before you begin configuring your system, please make sure you have addressed all the Prerequisites!

Basic Authentication #

As Agendex uses Exchange-based authentication over the secure HTTPS protocol, you need to enable Basic Authentication for the EWS application under each IIS serving Exchange.

Open IIS Manager, find the EWS application, and click on Authentication under IIS settings. On the right, make sure that Basic Authentication is Enabled.

Rooms and Equipment #

Exchange Equipment and Room mailboxes #

In Exchange there are two predefined types of Resources: Equipment, e.g. computer, screen, etc., and Room. Unfortunately, grouping and finding them from an external service like Agendex requires a bit of preparation. Dynamic Groups can be created for Resources and Room Lists for Rooms.

You will need to tag all the Equipment and Rooms that you want to show in Agendex, in the respective tabs (Rooms and Resources), with a custom attribute and then use this attribute to group resources together.

First, you need to decide how you want to group these resources. For example, you may group rooms in two lists, like ‘Conference Rooms’ and ‘Labs’, and Equipment in Dynamic Distribution Groups, like ‘Office Equipment’, ‘Mobile devices’, and ‘Cars’.

Creating Dynamic Distribution Group for Equipment mailboxes #

First, let’s tag an equipment with a custom attribute. In Exchange Admin Center, find the Equipment mailbox under Recipients, and edit the Equipment. Then click “More Settings” and add a Custom Attribute.

In this example, we assign the string Equipment to Custom Attribute 1.

Important: Note that the value of the attribute must be different for each group of resources you want to have.

Repeat this step for any equipment mailbox and set the value to the name of the group you will create later.

Next, you define the Dynamic Distribution Group. Go to Groups tab in Recipients and click the plus symbol to create a new Dynamic Distribution Group. Expand the window to see all options.

Set the name, alias of the Group, and the Member options as shown above (Only Resource Mailbox types), then add a Rule matching Custom Attribute 1 to the string entered in the respective attribute in the Equipment mailboxes that shall belong to this group. Save the group.

Creating Room Lists for Room mailboxes. #

First, you tag all your Rooms with a Custom Attribute, same as described above for Equipment. Next, you will need Exchange Power Shell to issue a command that will create a Room List, with the rooms marked with the custom attribute as members. Unfortunately, Exchange and Microsoft 365 do not provide a visual interface for doing that.

Open an Exchange-enabled Power Shell and issue the following two commands:

$MemberRooms=Get-Mailbox -Filter {(RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailbox" -and CustomAttribute1 -eq "Labs")}

Replace ‘Labs” with the value of the Custom Attribute. Then issue the second command:

New-DistributionGroup -Name "Labs" –RoomList -Members $MemberRooms

Repeat this for any Room List and Room members you want to create.

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Updated on March 26, 2021
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