After you have enrolled on the Agendex web site ( you will receive an email with the URL to your Agendex instance and a secret code to be used for authentication for the initial setup of the product.

Enter the code and you will see the main configuration page. 

As you will have nothing configured yet, the first thing to do is to create at least one System.
Click the plus button to create your first system.

Once the system is created, you will see four configuration sections. The first one – Exchange – will change slightly, depending if you use Exchange On-Premises or Microsoft 365.

The image above shows settings for Microsoft 365. Impersonation is mandatory. Please read the Prerequisites section if you haven’t configured it yet, as this is required.

You will need to use an authentication mechanism called OAuth 2.0 to grant admin consent and to authorize the user for impersonation.

IMPORTANT: Please login with a Microsoft 365 Administrator account, otherwise the consent won’t be applied to all your users.

First, click on Grant admin consent. A Microsoft dialog will open. Select the box ‘Consent on behalf of your organization’. Otherwise each user in your organization will be required to go through this step.

Next, click on Authorize. A similar Microsoft dialog will popup up. You need to login with the same user that was set as Impersonation user in Microsoft 365.

If authentication is successful, the impersonation filed will be automatically filled up with the correct account.

The settings will change if you select an Exchange On-Premises version instead of Microsoft 365:

We strongly advise you to use impersonation also with Exchange On-Premises. If you select not to do so, you will need to enter password for each service account (see Agendex Accounts section).

    • If you have auto-discovery enabled, leave the switch ON, otherwise enter the EWS URL, as defined for your system.

NOTE: Both locations and resources may be managed directly in Agendex from the respective links. However, these locations and resources won’t be linked to Exchange mailboxes and their availability cannot be tracked. 

In the popup that opens, you may enter Name and New or Existing Group, then click the + button to add the resource or room.

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Updated on October 6, 2021
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