The portal allows paid Agendex customers to manage their subscription, onboard external users and edit company details.

External Users may be created in your own Active Directory in containers dedicated to such users, as explained in the Authentication section of ‘Configuring Agendex’. In this case you need to provide them with their UPN (User principle name, in format and their password.

Agendex provides its own cloud-based directory, managed in the customer’s portal at In order to create users, you must login to the portal with the user who enrolled to Agendex from the Agendex web site. Once authenticated, click on Users.

After sending the invitation, the user must accept the invite sent to him by email and enter their password.

After this is completed the person will be able to login to Agendex as an external user and be able to see calendars, post events, and check availability.

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Updated on March 26, 2021
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