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Some organizations host more than one Exchange and/or M365 systems. This may for geographical administration purposes, or following a Merge and Acquisition of another company. Whatever the case may be, booking meetings with people between 2 – or more! – systems can be a hassle.

With Agendex, the availability search described in the previous section also works across organizations, if your system has been configured for this! For example, let’s take the community of Centerville – they have a Community Center and an Art Center, each of which is a different email system. However, they collaborate closely and very frequently, so both systems have been federated using Agendex.

In the following example, a user at the Centerville Community Center wants to book a meeting with colleagues at the Community Center as well as the Art Center; all she needs to do is search for and add the people, places, and resources she needs to display their calendars, regardless of which organization they belong to:

Your Agendex administrator can federate multiple systems, depending on the licensing level that has been subscribed to.

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Updated on May 25, 2022