Agendex can connect to more than one Exchange or Microsoft 365 system. This gives organizations the ability to manage multiple calendars from a single client.

Each system is configured separately in Agendex’ Settings.

Agendex keeps track of events that span multiple systems, e.g. the Organizer is from System A, and the recipients are from System A, B and C.

Important: In such cases, the recipients from the other system, e.g. B and C will see their events created from the Default Account for their system. The event will have an ‘on-behalf’ header with information about the organizer.

Agendex keeps events synchronized across systems. If the organizer edits or deletes events, the change will be propagated to all systems. Hence, it is very important that events created across systems be edited or deleted only in Agendex. We cannot guarantee multi-system sync of events edited in Outlook.

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Updated on May 25, 2021
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