In this tab you can set various options:

  • Administrator emails: list of accounts that can manage Agendex.
  • Enable Cloud Authentication: Manage external users in Agendex hosted directory.
  • Always Authenticate: do not allow Guest (anonymous) access to Agendex.
  • Preload body: this instructs Agendex to load and keep in memory the body of an event. By default only basic calendar information is retrieved, which keeps the traffic to the Exchange back-end at a lower volume.
  • Full refresh interval: as Agendex caches data for better performance, this setting defines how often the cache is refreshed.
  • Enable Logging and Debug level: how much info about the system is output by Agendex. Logs are saved in a cloud storage. Please do not turn this on unless you have issues with Agendex and have been instructed to do so by one of our support engineers.
  • Path to myavailability page: the default is: https://{yourcompany}{usertag}). You can replace ‘myavailability’ with something else.
  • Anonymous users blocking time: minimum cool-out period before sending a new request for a meeting to the same participant.
  • Display settings: default view, time step and work hours

Note: Time step defines both the step of cells in the calendar views in Agendex and the default event duration when creating events.

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Updated on May 25, 2021
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