By default, all enabled Agendex Account Calendars will appear in Agendex.

There are two ways to add shared calendars:

1. Add more secondary calendars to Agendex Accounts.

In this case you must login to Outlook or Outlook Web Access and simply create a secondary calendar in the Agendex account. After a few minutes the calendar will appear in Agendex.

Users create events in this calendar from Outlook or another Exchange-compatible App.

Note: External users can only create events in the main calendar in this version.

2. Let other users share their Primary or Secondary Calendars with Agendex Accounts.

Exchange users share their calendar(s) with the Agendex Accounts they want.

Agendex will send a notification to the Administrators, defined in Settings, that a new share is pending in the Agendex calendar. Then, an Administrator must login to the account and accept the share.

For more information on managing calendars with Agendex, please see the Public Calendars user tutorial.

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Updated on May 25, 2021
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