In order to allow users to create Zoom meetings in Agendex, the Agendex Zoom app must be approved in your organizational or private account.

For organizations, a user with Zoom admin role must login to Zoom’s marketplace. For personal accounts this may be completed by the user. If the app is not approved, then end users will see the following when they try to create an online Zoom meeting in Agendex:

They can click Request pre-approve here, but this is not mandatory.

Go to and Sign-in with your account.

In the upper left corner, in the Search box, type ‘Agendex’:

Go to the application and click ‘Who can install’:

Then, click Pre-Approve and leave the first option on:

If there were previous pre-approve requests by end users, then you will find them under App Requests:

After these steps are completed, in Agendex, the first time users try to create a Zoom meeting, the following will be displayed:

Alternatively, you, as admin in Zoom’s Marketplace, can select if admin pre-approval is required for certified Zoom apps. Note that if you disable pre-approval this will affect all Zoom-integrated apps, not just Agendex:

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Updated on June 18, 2021
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