You can access your personal settings to integrate Teams meetings; this will:

  • allow you to set an event as an online meeting in Teams
  • allow guest users to request online meetings. You can turn the event into an online meeting with a single-click operation
  • allow users to make an existing event an online meeting

You need to first go to your Personal Settings to enable Teams:

Microsoft Teams integration with Agendex is almost transparent when you are logged into an Microsft 365 Exchange online. The first time you create an online meeting and select the option to meet in Teams, you will be prompted to give the permissions required to create events in your Teams calendar. If you are on Exchange On-Premises, then you will be also prompted to login to a Microsoft 365 account.

In Settings, you may enable or disable Teams integration and set the maximum time Agendex will try to cache your credentials.

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Updated on June 18, 2021
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