If an external guest user requests an online meeting through your MyAvailability link, you will simply have to click the link in the incoming invite to accept the meeting. What you receive will depend on whether you have configured Teams, Zoom, or both (some organizations use Teams internally, and Zoom for external meetings).

When the meeting request comes into your Outlook, it will look like this:

You will notice that in this case, the user has configured both Teams and Zoom, hence why he is seeing the two links.

Important Note: simply clicking the Accept button in Outlook at this point will NOT send the meeting confirmation to the requestor; you must first click one of the links in the meeting message to repsond. Once this is complete, you can then click the Accept button to move the email to your calendar.

In this example, the user clicks the Teams link and is brought to a web page to confirm:

At this point, you can also reply to the meeting requestor:

By default, the reply will come from your own email address, but if you switch that option Off, then the email will come from the Agendex service account that was configured for meeting requests (in the above case, that would be

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Updated on June 21, 2021
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