Once logged in, you can also leverage Agendex to easily book meetings within your organization. One of the major adavantages is that organizations with several different Exchange or Microsoft 365 can search for people, rooms, and resources across systems! This can greatly facilitate the organizing of meetings by eliminating a lot of email back and forths.

To book a meeting, go to the Availability tab at the top:

Once there, you will see your calendar, identified simply as “You”:

To start adding people, rooms, or resources, just start typing the name and a focused result list will appear below the search box; simply click on the desired selection to add that calendar:

As you add people, rooms, and resources for your meeting, you will see their availability show up on the calendar view:

Once you find a time that is suitable, simply right-click on the appropriate slot and select “Create new event…”; in the example below, we have clicked on the 9AM slot on Thursday the 17th:

You can also use the left and right arrows to move forwards or backwards through the week view.

You can also use the dropdown at the top-right of the window to select different views, such as Month, Day, or Matrix:

Regardless of the view you’re in, you can right-click a day or time slot to create a new event.

When you select “Create new event…”, the following window will appear to let you fill in the details:

You can indicate an event title, add a description, and even attach files that may be required for attendees to consult.

In the middle of the screen, you can choose whether this will be an online meeting; you can select Teams:

…or Zoom:

Note that if you select Zoom, you will also have the option to use your personal meeting ID; if you turn that off, Zoom will generate a random meeting ID for the meeting.

Once everything has been filled in, simply click “Send” and the meeting will be booked!

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Updated on June 11, 2021
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