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Accessing Your Settings #

You can access your settings by clicking on the user icon at the top right of the window and selecting “Settings”:

From there, click on “My Availability” on the left-hand side:

You will now have access to all the settings for MyAvailability; these should be rather self-explanatory, but there are some pointers and clarifications below:

The URL at the top is your personal link; by default, this is generated using your first name and last name. However, you can change this part of the URL! In the example above, Emily North’s user name in Exchange is “enorth”, hence her URL; if she wanted to, she could change that part to “emilynorth”. Be aware, however, that each URL in the organization needs to be unique; if you change your link suffix to something that is already in use, you will get a warning.

The next sections will be explained in a bit; first, we need to cover Free/Busy Slots!

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Updated on June 21, 2021
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