Free Slots, as you can well imagine, are the inverse of Busy Slots and are meant to be used when you want to make specific times available. Note: many of the settings are very similar to the Busy Slots, so if you haven’t read how to set these up, we suggest you go through that first!

The initial screen will look very much like the Busy Slots settings:

Note that initially, “You don’t have any free slots yet.”

When would you want to use Free Slots? Let’s look at a use case.

Our Events Coordinator, Emily North, has to dedicate some times to meet with Booking Agencies to discuss, plan, and book concerts, plays, and other events for the community center. For example, she may want to set aside Wednesday and Friday afternoons for these meetings. She would therefore create a reoccuring activity this way:

Once she has configured her activity, she clicks the “Add” button to the right of the settings and her Free Slot will be created:

Now, where, when, and how do these Free Slots show up?

That’s what we cover in the next section!

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Updated on June 18, 2021
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