When you send your MyAvailability link to external guests, you have a choice on how to display you availability. There are essentially three different ways to present this information.

Default Setting – Showing Busy Times #

The default settings for MyAvailability look like this:

This means that when you send you availability link, external guests will see the blocks of time when you’re busy and be able to request meetings outside of those blocks.

Back to our example of Emily North, her calendar would look like this:

Showing Available Times #

If Emily wanted to “invert” this view, she could choose to only display available times:

To external guests, her calendar would now display as follows, showing green blocks when she is available:

External guests would now only be able to request a meeting within one of these green blocks. Although this may seem counter-intuitive for most users, there may be use cases where this might be the preferred view.

Showing Free Slots Only #

In the previous section, we showed how Emily North created Free Slots for Wednesday and Friday afternoons, times that she wants to put aside for “Agency Meetings”.

There is an option that would allow Emily to only display those available blocks to external guests; to do this, she would use this setting:

When set this way, her MyAvailability link would only display the Free Slots she has defined in Agendex:

In addition, Emily could choose to display the Title of the Free Slots she has define by swithing on this setting:

External guests accessing her calendar would now see the title on the available blocks:

The final section in this tutorial will briefly explain the other settings in the General Options tab.

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Updated on June 18, 2021
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