You can access your Personal Settings to integrate Zoom meetings; this will:

  • allow you to set an event as an online meeting in Zoom
  • allow guest users to request online meetings. The internal recipient can turn the event into an online meeting with a single-click operation
  • allow you to make an existing event an online meeting

You need to first go to your Personal Settings to enable Zoom:

When creating an event, you will see the option to make it an online meeting. You can then select Zoom if it has been enabled in your personal settings. You can also select whether a random meeting ID will be generated, or if your Personal Meeting ID will be used:

Authentication and Authorization #

After you have enabled Zoom in settings, the first time you create a zoom meeting, you will be prompted to enter your Zoom credentials and to authorize Agendex to connect to Zoom servers on your behalf.

Depending on your settings, Agendex will try to cache your credentials for the period you chose. However, you may be prompted again when your credentials or access token expire or when Zoom servers expire your token.

Note: even if you turn Off the option to “Try to cache…” your credentials, Zoom may still store a cookie on your system; this means you may not necessarily be prompted every time for a Zoom username and password.

Uninstalling Agendex Add-on from Zoom Account #

In order to remove Agendex from their Zoom account, you will need to:

  • Login to Zoom with your credentials and go to the marketplace
  • Click Manage – Installed Apps and search for Agendex
  • Click the Agendex app, then click uninstall

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Updated on June 21, 2021
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